Special Services:

Weight Loss Group:

If you are struggling with extra pounds and your attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful, you may be eligible for this Weight Loss Group.  To maximize success, this is a structured, hands on, active group and participants are interviewed and invited to join.  If you think this is something you want to try, contact me.


“I’ve tried everything to reduce weight.  Lori’s Weight Loss Group is different then anything I’ve ever been part of.  It keeps me focused and motivated.  I look forward to going!”

Life Coach:


Life Coach sessions are for people who feel their life is going smoothly, but they would like to advance their success.  People who hire me as a Life Coach want to improve their love life, work life or sense of personal fulfillment.  If you want to take your life to the next level, call or email me.


“My management job was not leading to the promotion I had expected.  As a Life Coach, Lori showed me how to position and market myself in the company.  I am now in line for a senior management position.”

Supervision for Clinicians:

This is for clinicians needing supervision to attain their LCSW or who want the eyes and ears of an experienced practitioner to elevate and deepen their practice.  We will customize the duration and frequency our meetings according to your needs.


“Lori had a keen ability to show me how to structure my sessions and really hear what my clients were saying.”

Motivational and Educational Presentations:


Throughout my career, I have presented to students and parent groups.  My presentations are designed especially for your needs.  A few of my past presentations have been to teenage girls on “Being a Strong and Successful Woman”, to parents on “Disciplining and Limit Setting”, to families with an addicted family member on “How to Support and Help your Addicted Family Member”.  Contact me with requests and I will let you know if it’s a topic in my expertise.


“Lori is not very big, but she is a dynamic and engaging speaker. A powerhouse! We were happy to have her speak to our group.”