Adult Therapy


The process of a warm and supportive relationship with an experienced therapist can bring relief to discomfort and pain.  Individual therapy provides you with privacy to speak freely and openly about your concerns.  With confidentiality, we can talk about anything that is on your mind.

You may be seeking advice or reassurance.  Issues with parenting, jobs and relationships are common concerns.  So too are problems with your mood.  Depression and anxiety can interfere with you feeling your best.  Individual therapy is proven to help soften and resolve mood related problems.  You are invited to call and come in for a consultation.


“My life has improved dramatically since seeing Lori.  I’m happier in my marriage and my job.  I’ve learned how to handle stress and frustration better.”    Leanne S.

“Lori helped me see that there is life after divorce.  I just started dating again and I’ve met a great guy that makes me happy.”     Joseph K.

“I was stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship.  Lori helped me gain the confidence to get out and start a new life.”     Patty L.