Children and Teen Therapy


Children and teens present a unique challenge.  Anger, behavioral problems, depression and anxiety, gender and sexuality issues can be a normal part of the growing up experience.  Your child may be having school problems, drug and alcohol use, or may be dealing with guilt, bullying, or divorce and separation problems.  It can be hard to tell if therapy is needed or if they are going through a difficult but normal adjustment.

boys_playing_video_300When you bring your child or teen to my office, I will spend the necessary time to evaluate your child and determine if treatment is necessary.  Getting a professional opinion is a great way to help your child stay on the right track.



“After two semesters, my child was on probation and failing at Penn State, Lori helped us secure a medical withdrawal to give her time to regroup and go back without a failing GPA.”    Lisa G.

“My 10th grader was not making progress in school.  Lori went to his IEP meeting and helped design a plan that made him more successful.”  Susan B.